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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I haven't talked much about the Giffords situation. I find the media jumps too quickly to speculate before we get the real facts. Regardless of that, we've seen a lot in the media pointing blame in different directions. Incendiary comments by politicians and even specific politicians are being blamed. We are missing the big picture here. The young man who committed this act had mental issues (by most accounts). As someone who has worked, albeit briefly, in the mental health field I can tell you that, the trigger for these kinds of things is rarely able to be pinpointed exactly. This is a difficult time for the people of Arizona and the families involved. Let's quit pointing blame and come up with a solution that actually makes some sense. As much as I dislike Palin, the Tea Party, the GOP, and wing nuts in general this is not their fault.

I know, you're going to point me to the SarahPAC chart and other "could be", "should be" items out there of interest. I've seen them all.

We talk, every day, about Maggie Gallaghar, Brian Brown and the like. We say that they have come to a conclusion and are looking for evidence to support it when it comes to equal rights for the LGBT community. By the same token, if we come to a conclusion about who to blame and then look for evidence to support that conclusion in this case, we are not solving the problem. We are loosing focus on the problem and therefore, hindering our ability to find a solution.

I may loose friends, readers, followers, or subscribers over this but... This is my opinion on the matter.
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